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The Special Support and Reconnaissance Company (SSR) is the national special unit of the Danish Army Home Guard.

​The Special Support & Reconnaissance Company (SSR) is the Danish Army Home Guard national special unit, specialized in Special Reconnaissance (SR) and providing Combat Support (CS) to Special Operations Forces (SOF). 

The Danish Army Home Guard Special Support & Reconnaissance Company supports both national and international missions of the Danish Defense, and are capable of supporting the Danish Special Operations Forces with both patrols and staff personel. 
This places high demands on the individual soldier of the all-volunteer (V) unit.

The soldiers of the SSR goes through a special selection, are special trained and are specially equipped in order to conduct information collection in a demanding tactical enviorment. 

SSR is speciallized in Survelliance & Reconnaissance and is a ISR asset avalible to the Danish Defense. Up until 2006 the unit was known as the Patrol Company to The Army Operational Command, an was the only remaining Long Range Surveillance Company (LRSC/LRRP) unit in the Danish Army.

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Telephone: (+45) 70 22 65 04 Contact form (send e-mail to SSR) / e-mail:  

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Flyvestation Skalstrup
Bygning 18
Køgevej 167
4621 Gadstrup